Friday, 9 August 2013

Bullion Updates| Commodity Support and Resistance Level

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Bullion Updates :- In Commodity market Mcx bullion is trading at higher note and closed its idices at green on Thursday.Today at 5 PM gold is exprcting to start its trading session at higher note taking teh positive U.S market cues. 

Commodity Market Support and Resistance Level :- Gold Trend :- Today gold is expecting to trade at higher level,it has resistance at 27836.6 and have last resistance level at 28113.7.It has support level at 27517.9 and last support find at 27241.8 with pivot level of 27579. 
Silver Range :- Silver has resistance at 41827.3 and have last resistance level at 42431.7.It has support level at 41207.6 and last support find at 40605.6 with pivot level of 41287.3. 867.5 

Nickel Range :- Silver has resistance at 867.5 and have last resistance level at 884.3.It has support level at 851.5 and last support find at 834.7 with pivot level of 852.7. 

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